The pollution free heavenly land. Valparai is located above the 3,500 feet from the sea level on the Anamalais mountain range Valparai does not mean only a single town. It stands majestically with GreenSpread

Mountains and forest all around. Facility with kind hospitality for you is assured in Valparai. All your needs such as boarding, food, shopping can be satisfied with esteemed Lodges, Hotels and Shops. The place to visit at least once in your life span. To bring out the Joy and peace within you. Visit, enjoy the pleasure of Nature, and keep the green memories alive......

No to Plastic: The use of plastic bags are banned in Valparai Hills .Avoid bringing plastic bags with you and try not to use plastic cups and plates as they cause irrecoverable damage to the eco system as well as to wild life. Help us keep Valparai hill station clean and green. 

Fuel Stations in Valparai: There are two petrol and Diesel Bunks/Stations in Valparai town. These Bunks/Stations are open from 7am to 8pm every day.

ATM and Banking in Valparai: There are a few ATM centres in and around Valparai. Union Bank, State Bank Of India, Indian Bank have their ATM’s in the town. All ATM’s do accept other bank cards as well. Major Banks operating in Valparai are Union Bank, SBI, Indian Bank etc. Do remember that most businesses accept only cash as a method of payment. 

Hospitals and Pharmacy in Valparai: Apart from the GovernmentHospitalthere are several private hospitals and clinics operating in Valparai. From child specialists to dental clinics a range of specialists serve the people in Valparai. It has its own dedicated Government Vetnary

as well. There are about 9 to 10 registered pharmacy/ medical stores in Valparai. 

Restaurants and Hotels in Valparai: When it comes to restaurants, Valparai does not have a high end or top quality restaurant options. The menus in most of the restaurants are basic and the options are limited. There are several average restaurants available and most of them offer Non-veg and Veg meals combined. Also enquire with your Home Stay owners; they might guide you on this. There are a few bakeries and cafes that bake their own bread, puffs and snacks. 

Getting around in Valparai: There are Taxi and Local Auto services to most of the tourist spots around Valparai, Only government bus services operate in Valparai and most of the time they can get very crowded. Having your own means of transportation will make it more convenient. 

Communication (Valparai Hills): Aircel, Vodafone, TaTa Docomo,BSNL and Reliance Mobile phone connections are operational in Valparai, so be prepared for that. There are Internet browsing centres and most of them have broadband connections. A modern Post office operates offering all the modern facilities. Private courier companies also operate here. Tamil and Malayalam are widely spoken.

Shopping in Valparai: There are few things that is worth buying in Valparai. You can buy good grade tea in Valparai. Ask the seller to show you the different grades available, and then choose the one that suits your taste buds. There are a few tea speciality shops where you can get good grade tea. Other hill products such as cardamom, pepper and honey can be brought. Traditional/Native Medicinal and fruit tree saplings and seeds can be purchased at the Government Nursery at Aliyar Dam check post.

HOW TO REACH  : It takes a 64-km drive from Pollachi to reach Valparai. Drive gives an exotic experience since the route has forty hairpin bents. The common occurrence of lion-tailed macaque, the Nilgiri thar, langur, Malabar giant squirrel, elephant, gaur, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer and wild boar can be spotted by luck. Dams like Aliyar, Sholaiyar and Nirar dams are well connected. Tunnels bored into the mountains and canals to harness the water from Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholayar Dam, and several tourist spots are the major attractions in this cloud nine.

It is connected internationally by Cochin InternationalAirportwhich is 145Km or 4 h or Coimbatore Airport that is 105Km or 3h far. By road its is Coimbatore to Valparai via Pollachi or Cochin to Valparai via Chalakudy, Athirapally and Malakkiparai. One can also take a train for Valparai up to Coimbatore, Pollachi or Chalakkudy and then travel to Valparai via ghat roads.

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Best Spots around Valparai

Valparai is located with in Anamalais Tiger Reserve
This Sanctuary is situated at an altitude of 1,400 meters in the Western Ghats near Pollachi (about 90 kms. from Coimbatore). The area of the sanctuary is 958 sq. kms. It has various kinds of fauna like elephant, gaur, tiger, panther, sloth bear, deer, wild bear, wild dog, porcupine, flying squirrel, jackal, pangolin, civet cat and birds like rocket-tailed drongo, re-whiskered bulbul, black headed oriole, tree pie, spotted dove, green pigeon, etc. The Amaravathy reservoir in the Anamalais has a large number of crocodiles. There are also many places of scenic beauty such as Karainshola, Anaikunthi shola, grass hills, water falls, groves, teak forests, estates, dams and reservoirs.
Chinnakallar Falls with Trekking
Chinnakalar is a geographically important place. It is the second highest  rain fall area inIndia. Always found wet and misty. A greenish dense forest with tall majestic trees all along the road to Chinnakalar a pleasure to enjoy. There is a falls in Chinnakallar which sounds like a roaring lion. Situated  at a distance of 15kms from Valparai.

Karamalai AnnaiVellankanniChurch
Lot of miracles happened by Vellankanni Matha. Fesitivel takes place every year during September 8th. New church was built in the year 2003. A place to enjoy spiritual peaceful environment. Many people visit  this Church daily. Situated  at a distance of 10kms from Valparai.

 Balaji temple
Balaji temple is owned by the Peria Karamalai tea Industries. Situated in Karamalai. Very famous beautiful temple. Situated  at a distance of 10kms from Valparai.
Grass Hills
Its a part of Anamalai Tiger Reserve wildlife sanctuary & national park. It is surrounded by a green grass environment. Its a beautiful site of high green grasses on a mountain slope, which is a protected area. Visitors has to obtain permission  from wildlife warden to enter the Grass Hills.
Situated  at a distance of 15 kms. from Valparai.  Grass hills is a picturesque  spot located in the Valparai hills range, at a height  of approx: 2400m msl, with cool climate getting cooler at night, a  part of  Anamalai Tiger Reserve. Right now all efforts are being undertaken by the government to preserve the flora and fauna of this location. Nilgiri Thar is native of this place apart from Elephants, Bison, Indian Gaur, Bear, Nilgiri Langurs etc.. and a wide variety of birds including Hornbills.
Sholayar dam
It is the second deepest dam of Asia. Situated  at a distance of 20 Kms., from Valparai.  An active tourist spot found always busy. A beautiful place to visit.
Nirar dam
This dam is built for multipurpose project such as irrigation, Hydro electricity production. Dam is situated in a wonderful location covered by a dense forest. There is a waterfalls near by the dam which resembles the Cascade. Situated  at a distance of 15kms from Valparai.
Chitti VinayagarTemple
Chitti VinayagarTemple is owned by Jayshree tea Industries, Sholayar the temple is situated in a beautiful garden environment. It is very close to Valparai. Situated  at a distance of 5kms from Valparai.
Aliyar Park
Aliyar park is a leisure place to enjoy the natural scenery  of Aliyar dam and chain mountains of western Ghats. Kids can have a pleasant time in the park.
Monkey Falls

Nearby Aliyar park is monkey falls. Its known as "Chinna Kuttralam". Enjoy the water showered by mother nature.
Loams View point
This is a beautiful view point to view Aliar Dam & surrounding mountains of western Ghats. This is situated in 9 th hairpin bend.
Number Parai
This is also a beautiful view point. Near by Sangiliroad near Valparai.
Nallamudi Poonjolai
This is also a beautiful view point. Near by Anaimudi and Nallamudi Estate.
Top Slip
Top slip is a national park and a medicinal plant conservation area in the Anamalai hills. It is about 37 kms. from Pollachi (about 90 kms from Coimbatore). It is famous for its elephant camp at Kollikamuthi and its wildlife. There are bungalows available within the sanctuary. For thrill seekers, accommodation is also available in a tree house. It got its name during the British era, as lots of timber slipped down to the plains below.
Athirapilly Falls
It is near to the entrance of the Sholayar range is a place of great scenic beauty. Here, the water plunges from a height of nearly 80 feet before joining the Chalakudi river.  this picturesque spot is adjacent to dense green forest, and is a part of ChalakudiRiver, 50 Kms. from Valparai towards Chalakudi, Kerala.